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On-Line Consultancy Services

What is this?

The market is constantly shifting to remain relevant to the information age. 
At Planlux we aim to share our knowledge and expertise through our Online Lighting Design Consultancy Service.
We serve all types of market professionals, such as Architects, Designers, Consultants, Contractors, M&E engineers, Manufacturers, Investors, and Developers. Our clients can access and benefit from our expertise as fast as a click.

How does it work?

We’ll arrange a quick remote meeting so that we can fully understand your project’s needs, any questions you might have, and which specific lighting techniques (if at all) may be required. Essentially, the initial meeting aims to gather as much information as possible and also to establish a program of consultancy sessions best suited to you and your job’s requirements.

In our Consultancy Session, we will share our knowledge and expertise with you, specific to your needs.
For example:

  • Concept ideas
  • Product suggestions
  • Design solutions
  • Lighting strategy suggestions
  • Lighting control strategy
  • Installation detail assistance
  • Design construction process
  • Daylight related queries
  • Lighting guides & legislation advice

Our consultancy services are intended to provide you with specific information on a “need-to-know” basis, to save you from excessive fees charged for standard full lighting design packages, often containing unnecessary information that may be surplus to requirements.  

What is next?

We’ll contact you to arrange a FREE initial meeting where we will gather as much information as possible to understand what’s required and how we can help. 

After our meeting, we will send you a link for you to book a Consultancy Session with us. You can choose the best time suited to you, for the duration you require. In the link, you’ll also be able to view the booking fee attached to that session; straight up with no hidden additional fees. We’re available 24/7 for our customers, who are situated in a range of different time zones.


Planlux is an independent lighting design practice with no commitment, alliance or affiliations to lighting manufacturers and suppliers. We’re members of IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) and bound with association’s Code of Ethics.

In our consultancy session, we will share our knowledge and expertise with you, which will assist you in your recent or upcoming projects. This is not a project design service so Planlux doesn’t take responsibility for Building Regulations compliances

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