MACFit is a health club concept that is designed for ‘everybody’ located in most of the cities of Turkey. The group aims to provide a great range of high-quality facilities in a fun and exciting environment and all at greatest value possible. 
We were commissioned in 2014 and managed to design more than 70 projects. We wanted lighting design to embrace the characteristics of the brand where transforming lighting identity into visitor experience. According to the quick project design processes and low budget requirements, we have created a lighting template to follow a way for a quick response while considering the fundamental lighting quality needs.
Below you can find a few of them which give you an idea about our approach.  
MAC/ONE Kanyon
MACFit Axis
MACFit Kartal
MACFit Lotus Nişantaşı
MACFit İzmir Alsancak
MAC Akmerkez
MAC Vadistanbul
MACFit Seba Plaza
MACFit Now Bomonti
MACFit Maltepe Piazza
MACFit Neomarin
MACFit Flat Ofis
MACFit Pashador
MACFit Mersin
MACFit Cevahir
MACFit Üsküdar
MAC Emaar
MACFit Markantalya
MACFit Arenapark
MAC Bebeköy
MACFit Eryaman
MACFit Yenibosna
MACFit Küçükyalı Hilltown
MACFit Buca
MACFit Torun Center
MACFit Eskişehir
MACFit Ege Perla
MACFit Dumankaya Ritim & Nuspa
MACFit Istmarina
MACFit Torium
MACFit Vega Plaza
MACFit Trump Towers
MACFit Cepa
MACFit 212
MACFit Gordion
MACFit & Nuspa 42 Maslak
MACFit Bakırköy Migros
MACFit Eyüp Axis
MACFit Watergarden
MACFit Point Bornova
MACFit & Nuspa Tunalı Ankara
MACFit Atlaspark
MACFit Podyum
MACFit Agora
MACFit 41 Burda İzmit
MACFit Natavega
MACFit Özdilekpark
MACFit Merter Migros
MACFit Symbol
MACFit Mesa Konutkent
MACFit Mavişehir
MACFit Erasta
MACFit Carrefour Lara
MACFit Anadolu Hisarı
MACFit Ankamall
MACFit Birgen
MACFit Bursa PodyumPark
MACFit Uniq
MACFit Esas Maltepe
MACFit Axis
MACFit Ömür Plaza
MACFit Ortaköy Lotus
MACFit Ormanada
MACFit Armada
MACFit Kartal
MACFit Akbatı
MACFit A Plus
MACFit Novada Ataşehir
MACFit Buyaka
MACFit Asmaçatı
MACFit MKM Akatlar