Planlux – Lighting Design / Aydınlatma Tasarımı – Planlux Lighting Design
We are lighting designers.
We design light that makes you feel, light that interacts with space...
PLANLUX is an independent architectural lighting design studio based in Istanbul and London, realised projects in hospitality, office, retail, residential, commercial, leisure and environmental in various scopes and scales since 2008. 
As a practice, we aim for a combination of creativity, efficiency and expertise. Our priority is to provide the best possible lighting design project experience for architects, clients and their teams we work with.
Ongoing Projects


Lighting Design

As lighting designers, we are responsible for the design of the environment in which we live. We create stories with the help of technical knowledge, experience and imagination, we design the effects of natural and artificial light...

Light Identity Design

Branding is a long time project includes ‘combination of processes’. One of these processes is to define a strategy and feeling about the architectural environment you present as a part of your service. The way how the lighting is designed is so important...

Luminaire Design

We create products with our needs and desires. As Planlux we believe, there is a huge gap in the lighting design area in Turkey. Hence we offer an effective first step and motivating design to gather people into this area...

Daylight & Sunlight Analysis

Preparation of the Daylight & Sunlight Analysis, including amount and duration of useful daylight hours, detailed analysis of each space with daylight factor, duration and pinpoint locations of direct sunlight penetration...

We save your time!
As professional lighting designers, we have in-depth knowledge of up-to-date lighting design techniques and along with a vast understanding of lighting project management processes. We work to find ideal both artificial and natural lighting solutions much faster and more confidently at any point in the project, helping reduce unexpected or unwanted results significantly.
We save your budget!
We know that in any project, budget limitations are just as important as the design itself, and as independent lighting designers, we hold no commercial ties with any manufacturer or suppliers. In that way, we can help find the best solutions for any budget with ease. The needs of a project are our priority.
We work for 'light quality'.
Lighting design is not only specific to our ergonomic needs, but it also addresses our emotions and visual perception. In that way, our design process is architecturally conscious, being sensitive to human needs and spatial understanding of the surrounding environment.

Feel free to contact any time to learn and talk more about our work and lighting design services.