• Completed in 2021

    Galataport Istanbul Cruise Terminal

    Planlux participated in the development of architectural lighting design scheme for Galataport/Salipazari Terminal Building.Numerous colonnades have to carry the above-ground functions, the regional cistern structure inspires interior design that creatively transforms them into the natural element of the space.

  • Completed in 2017

    Dogus Auto Technology

    Smart architectural design of the façade and the interior lighting details empower the feeling of transparency in all directions. During daytime, the structure reflects the images and movements of the natural environment and the lighting around itself. During night time, the concrete structure is successfully melted with the occupancy lighting.

  • Competed in 2018

    MACFit Sports Clubs

    MACFit is a health club concept that is designed for ‘everybody’ located in most of the cities of Turkey. The group aims to provide a great range of high-quality facilities in a fun and exciting environment and all at greatest value possible. Lighting design supports both well being and corporate identity.

  • Competed in 2020

    Tema Office

    The architectural design considered to create simple and spacious volumes for long working hours. Lighting design also aimed to follow and improve within these principles. According to the simplicity and affordability concept of the open office design, lighting design kept this concept with a direct/indirect linear lighting system that continues all around a story which also emphasizes the office’s main character. In the new office of TEMA where we especially care about simplicity and comfort in the lighting design, we wish them to keep on doing wonderful works for our environment.

  • Copleted in 2017

    The Stay Hotel

    Indirect lighting provides general illumination combined with an integrated technical lighting system to light up the stage, or the exhibition space when needed. In order to continue the feeling of the Egean atmosphere throughout the rest of the interior space, warm light tones were used, harmonizing the lighting with its environment.

We are lighting designers.
We design light that you feel, the light that interacts with the place.
Planlux, 2009
PLANLUX is an independent architectural lighting design studio based in Istanbul established in 2009 with a project portfolio of more than 600 lighting design projects in various sectors, scopes, and scales.  

Light is an indispensable part of our architectural environment, and we guide you to work with it. 
Lighting Design Services

Lighting Design

We are responsible for the design of the environment we live in. We create stories with artificial light. We assist you design and use effects of light with the help of colloboration, technical knowledge, experience, imagination and hard work.

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Light Identity Design

Branding is a long time project. The process starts with defining a strategy and feeling about the architectural environment you present as a part of your service. Lighting design is probably one of the the most important parts of it.

Luminaire Design

We assist in the development of lighting products. Also, we can envision complicated advantages and alternative usages to be used in the lighting design process for a particular luminaire or lighting product series.

Daylight & Sunlight Analysis

Preparation of the Daylight & Sunlight Analysis, including amount and duration of useful daylight hours, detailed analysis of each space with daylight factor, duration and pinpoint locations of direct sunlight penetration...

New Service
Planlux Online

The market is constantly shifting to remain relevant to the information age. At Planlux we aim to share our knowledge and expertise through our Online Lighting Design Consultancy Service. We serve all types of market professionals, such as Architects, Designers, Consultants, Contractors, M&E engineers, Manufacturers, Investors, and Developers. Our clients can access and benefit from our expertise as fast as a click.

Working with a lighting designer. 
PLANLUX Lighting Design & Consultancy has over a decade of experience in Lighting Design and communication of light. We take pride in delivering these experiences for our clients. We aim for a combination of creativity, efficiency, and expertise. Our priority is to provide the best possible lighting design project experience for architects, clients, and their teams. 

Planlux is an independent lighting design practice with no commitment, alliance, or affiliations to lighting manufacturers and suppliers. 
We save your time
As professional lighting designers, we have extensive knowledge of up-to-date lighting design techniques and streamlined project management. We provide the most effective artificial and natural lighting solutions tailored to each unique project saving our clients time and resources. 
We save your budget
We know budget limitations are just as important as the design itself. As independent lighting designers, we have extensive market knowledge, hold no commercial ties with any manufacturer or suppliers, and closely follow technological developments. In that way, we can help find the best solutions for any budget. The needs of the project are our priority.
We save lighting quality
Lighting design is not only specific to our ergonomic needs but also addresses our emotions and visual perception. Understanding how light behaves with materials and forms and how living creatures respond to that is at the center of our design process. At Planlux, we use the dynamics of light to enhance the human experience helping architecture achieve its purpose.

MACFit Lotus Nişantaşı

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Nike Hope Alkazar

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TEMA Office

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Garanti BBVA Bank Technology Campus

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