PLDA Workshop, Frederikshavn 2007

PLDA Workshop, Frederikshavn

Lightvisions Frederikshavn 2006

Brian Mosbacher: The Fishing Cottages  “Welcome home” Annukka Larsen: Town Hall Park and “Vinden” sculpture Tony Rimmer: The Town Hall Jesper Garde Kongshaug: The Silo Kate Wilkins and Karen van Creveld: The Money Bridge Carla Wilkins: The Commandant’s House
Brian Mosbacher: The Fishing Cottages  “Welcome home”
Lighting architecture is the process of emphasising the absence and presence of form.   Historically, Frederikshavn’s waterfront was a busy place where fishermen, dockworkers and shipbuilders came to make their living. Today, the area has a diminished industrial and economic presence. The lighting design recalls the historical atmosphere of the town and generates a feeling of being welcomed home. It is a shelter of light that creates inviting warmth and an element of memory.



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