IALD Webinar: Gallery Lighting Installations – Permanent Vs. Temporary

NEW YORK 10:00 A.M. EST | LONDON 3:00 P.M. BST | PARIS 4:00 P.M. CEST | ISTANBUL  17:00 P.M. CEST

Join Doğan Kozan, IALD, managing director of Planlux UK, for a discussion on the challenges lighting designer encounters with control systems in the specifics of permanent and temporary installations.

The selection of the correct lighting control system has always been important for art galleries, but in recent years it has become more of a critical and fine-tuned process. As control systems have evolved with enhanced functions—coupled with improved quality in the light sources themselves—lighting designers are required to think about lighting control systems in more detail, particularly in the early stages of projects. These developments allow the lighting designer to have greater flexibility; however, they also come with challenges.



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Online Seminar: 
Status and Future of the Profession / Industry

A series of career seminars with the theme of “Status and Future of the Profession / Industry” is organized in order to prepare the students for professional life after graduation within the scope of the DAN 301 Career Counseling course carried out in the Istanbul Technical University Electrical Engineering Department. 
In this series of seminars, Doğan Kozan, IALD / Managing Director – Planlux UK will make a presentation on his ‘Lighting Design’ career in the Electrical Engineering profession and the challenges, opportunities, and experiences he has encountered in this way. Our lessons will be carried out via Zoom as Online Education with the pandemic experience.


Korhan Şişman will be attending in EEMKON 2019 Electrics and Electronics congress.
He will be presenting his ideas about what lighting designers can and will do for the development of our cities we live in.

Doğan Kozan and Korhan Şişman will be attending MIPIM UK Summit in London, 14-15 October 2019. MIPIM UK Summit brings together top-level real estate professionals from all the world and investors from all asset classes to build partnerships, gain industry insight and discover outstanding projects. The event is made up of a world-class content programme dedicated to real estate investment and development opportunities, an exhibition, and a plethora of networking opportunities over 2 days.


LPS 2019 and TIL 2019 REVIEW:

In its 9th year the co-hosted LED professional Symposium + Expo (LpS), Trends in Lighting Forum &Show (TiL) and for the first time the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) Summit gathered in the unique setting of Bregenz, Austria. The three international conference and exhibition events were carefully curated to bring together a unique blend of award-winning industry talent including; architects, planners, lighting designers, scientists and technologists.

The event brought focus to the continuing relevance of interdependent technologies, human-centric design and more acutely, sustainability. The approach of combining distinct lighting fields by Luger ResearchLpS 2019TiL 2019 and DALI Summit 2019, succeeded in inciting conversations and knowledge sharing to facilitate the evolution of lighting in the complex global environment. The combined three-day event presented delegates with the opportunity to interact with an extensive selection of prominent keynote speakers from the lighting design world, scientists, and technologists. The opera stage and theatre spaces were utilized for panel discussions, lectures and workshops crossing disciplines and sectors of industry.

LPS 2019 and TIL 2019 CEO – Influencer Panel

Another insightful aspect to the event was a lively press conference and CEO + Influencer panel allowing promulgation of news, industry opinion and key expectations and challenges for the coming years in the lighting industry.

Meanwhile, the exhibition hall was awash with startups and global industry giants simultaneously showcasing the latest developments in interoperability, sustainability and digital technologies. Delegates could appreciate the complementary nature of final products, components and modules, equipment and service providers. This included wireless technologies, driver manufacturers, Internet of Light controllers, ultrathin light sources, luminaires, digital communication devices and 3D printed optics to name a few.

Image of 3D printed optics by Luximprint - the best 2019 LPS TIL Start-Up
Printed Optics by Luximprint – the 2019 Best TIL-LPS Start-Up – is an example of a digital (fabrication) technology with the potential of disrupting the way the industry fabricates and applies custom optics. Image credits: Luximprint.

Human Centric Lighting, Interfaces and Light Controls

LpS/TiL/DALI 2019 highlighted notable key trends for the lighting sector. More recently, the generally accepted principles of Human Centric Lighting have growing influence and are increasingly important in design application. In order to generate optimized light, the spectral compositions are tuned to applications and visual requirements.

Another key topic was the significance of light controls and user-friendly human interfaces as the consumer seeks to be able to integrate additional functions such as colour controls or light distributions. In this context, it can also be seen that lighting planners are increasingly confronted with the complexities of data handling.

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Başak Okay Tekir will talk about MACFit projects and her experiences at IstanbulLight Lighting Design Summit.
MACFit Sports Clubs: Lighting design as corporate identity “
You can find MacFit in most of the cities in Turkey,  a health club concept developed for ‘everyone’. The group aims to provide high-quality amenities at an affordable price in a fun and exciting environment. Since 2014, PLANLUX  participated in the development in more than 80 MACFit projects as lighting designers which has made ‘lighting design’ an important part of the brand that transforms brand identity into the visitor experience. Despite rapid project design processes and low budget requirements, the team aimed to create a sustainable lighting scheme that considers light quality with practical solutions.
Başak Okay Tekir will ve sharing the details and experiences of the mentioned lighting scheme in her presentation.
Book your place, free registration:

Başak Okay Tekir, IstanbulLight Aydınlatma Tasarımı Zirvesi’nde MACFit projelerinden ve deneyimlerinden bahsedecek.
MACFit spor salonları: Kurumsal kimlik olarak aydınlatma tasarımı”

MACFit, Türkiye’nin çoğu şehrinde bulunan “herkes” için tasarlanmış bir sağlık kulübü konsepti. Grup, eğlenceli ve heyecan verici bir ortamda uygun fiyata yüksek kaliteli olanaklar sunmayı amaçlıyor.
PLANLUX, 2014 yılından beri 80’den fazla MACFit projesine aydınlatma tasarımcısı olarak dahil oldu. Aydınlatma tasarımınının, marka kimliğini ziyaretçi deneyimine dönüştüren markanın önemli bir parçası olmasını sağladı. Ekip, hızlı proje tasarım süreçleri ve düşük bütçe gereksinimlerine rağmen, temel aydınlatma kalitesi ihtiyaçlarını göz önünde bulunduran ve pratik çözüm yolları izleyen sürdürülebilir bir aydınlatma şeması oluşturmayı hedefledi.  
Başak Okay Tekir, sunumda, bahsi geçen aydınlatma şeması detaylarını ve deneyimlerini paylaşacak.

Siz de bu konuşmayı kaçırmamak için zirvedeki yerinizi ayırtın! Ücretsiz kayıt:

Garanti Bank BBVA Technology Campus is the 2019   A+ Awards Winner of Popular Choice in the Commercial – Office – Mid Rise (5-15 Floors) category.
Article link.
Thanks to ERA Architects and Garanti Technology for giving us such a great opportunity to be part of this special project.
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Turkish lighting design firm Planlux to expand beyond its home base Istanbul, as frontier in Turkish lighting design field for more than 10 years, launched namesake firm in London in 2018 with an expanding international client base led by director Doğan Kozan.
Dogan Kozan
Firm rely on on Doğan’s talent and experience on the sector to develop more oportunities on one of the most importand cultural and commercial hubs of the world.
As a practice, aimed for a combination of creativity, efficiency and expertise Planlux focuses to provide a joyful lighting design project experience balancing the time, budget and quality.
Planlux team believes  continous face to face interction with its clients to be a part of the projects they are involved in.
Doğan says; ‘Planlux’s skill and quality has been proven with 10+ years of background. Now with our combined experience and skill, we’re very positive that Planlux UK will take part in landmark projects all around the globe.
London is the capital of design and innovation in Europe and also a gateway to other regions like Middle East, East Asia, South America, etc. And we’re very excited to be a part of this network.’
London is the firm’s first satellite location to be a mailestone to reach further markets in the future.