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The 8th Edition of the festival, started in last november. Amsterdam Light festival is actually a big outdoor exhibition. This years theme “disrupt” is marked all over each and every piece. Festival can be discovered by boat tour specially made for the occasion or the walking routes which you can find on the official website. Here is this years artworks:

BIG BANG, UxU Studio
According to the artists of the collective Uxu Studio, there’s nothing that symbolises disruption – and destruction, war, and aggression – more than a bomb. Their blue-lit bomb BIG BANG hangs somewhat threateningly in the air like it is just about to hit the water.

THE CRACKS, Karolina Howorko
There is a crack, a crack in everything / That’s how the light gets in,” legendary Canadian singer and poet Leonard Cohen sang in his song Anthem (1992). Striving for perfection makes little sense, Cohen said, because life is simply about change and decay. Yet there is always hope, and we must embrace the imperfections in what we do and what we make; damage and defects define the character of a person or an object.

Illuminated laundry hangs to dry on washing lines, as though it were a summer day in Amsterdam. Glowing white garments, and a cheerful collection of blouses, T-shirts, underwear, trousers and dresses, hang on either side of the canal. There are also some special items of clothing such as a pair of wide Turkish pants, a traditional Jewish dress, and a Moroccan djellaba. Together these pieces represent the cultural and ethnic mix of residents in the city. 

ATLANTIS, Utskottet
You may identify the image of an international metropolis plagued by floods and other natural disasters from blockbuster films like Deep Impact (1998) and The Day After Tomorrow (2004). With the sinking city, Atlantis, Utskottet demonstrates how this menacing scene can become a frightening reality.

With his installation Nothing Holding Us, Ben Zamora shows us that nothing should hold us back. Not even the disruptive shock of a totally life-changing experience, which he has depicted with dozens of light tubes in the form of an explosion that seems to be frozen in time. The painful shock of losing a loved one, or the excitement and joy you feel when a new person comes into your life – your life will never be the same again and that offers room for perspective and development.

NACHT TEKENING, Krijn de Koning
The Skinny Bridge counts around 1,800 light bulbs that are responsible for lighting up the contours of the bridge at night. This type of illumination is typical for Amsterdam bridges: the arches are accentuated by the concentration of light bulbs, and together they provide a unique and coherent cityscape.The artwork has two faces: during the day, the image of Amsterdam’s most famous bridge remains intact, but when night falls and the lights turn on, it is completely disrupted. The monumental light drawing distorts, distances, and comments on the existing image of the bridge as we know it. With this two-dimensional play of forms and light lines, De Koning has succeeded in turning the Skinny Bridge into an abstract drawing.
Artist Laila Azra transforms Amsterdam’s Amstel River into a red carpet. Photographers and fans have flocked to the docks on either side of the Amstel lock passage, surprising passengers in passing boats with the flashes of their cameras.

Movement is key to Lambert Kamp’s 7-metre-high installation. Nine luminous circles continuously rotate in and out of each other.For the artist, the moving rings represent the dynamic and rapidly-evolving world that we live in.

BUTTERFLY EFFECT, Masamichi Shimada
Seven gigantic butterflies have landed on the surface of the canal. The butterflies not only rise and fall with the movement of the water caused by passing boats, but their wings glow blue against the dark night. At first sight, the artwork seems to portray a peaceful, almost magical scene. But with his artwork Butterfly Effect, Masamichi Shimada attempts to portray how something as delicate as a butterfly can possess such immense power.

ICEBREAKER, Wilhelmusvlug
Ice skating is a winter tradition in the Netherlands.With global warming, skating on frozen waters such as the Amsterdam canals is becoming less and less likely. Icebreaker is an artwork that reminds us of when the canals would freeze over every year, but simultaneously a warning for the results of global warming.

HIDING IN THE WOLF’S LAIR, Republic of Amsterdam Radio & Nomad Tinker House
Four ominously lit-up wolves have suddenly appeared on the edge of the ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo. They have gathered around a group of people who are hiding in the attic of one of the wooden buildings along the water, but what exactly are wolves doing roaming free in this scene, designed by the collectives Republic of Amsterdam Radio and Nomad Tinker House? Important clue: an envelope containing poems written by resistance fighters during the Second World War was discovered between the roof tiles of these former storage houses in 2013.
DE NACHTLOERRRDERS, 72andSunny Creative Collective
Hidden in the darkest of darkness, down amongst the bushes or high in a tree, we see their strange, unfamiliar eyes shining out at us. These eyes are here to show us a possible future evolution, one that we humans could soon be faced with if we continue disturbing animal habitats with our ever expanding cities that light up the night skies.

With Between the Lines Holland demonstrates that the crane can be much more than a retired machine. For Hollands, elements and rhythms in urban constructions, which often go unnoticed in our day to day, form the basis of a magical play of light. The city comes to life in a new way in ‘the domain of the fantasy’, as Hollands beautifully describes the night.

SURFACE TENSION, Tom Biddulph & Barbara Ryan
The artists have transformed part of Amsterdam’s famous canal into a drowned city street: the spooky, glowing silhouettes of swept-up cars, lamp posts and traffic signs rise out of the water, a ghostly vision of what could happen. Biddulph and Ryan’s background in graphic design is clearly visible in the piece: it is a spatial line drawing, made of light.

Colourful, flickering and illuminated Korean signs compete for your attention on the Schippersgracht in Amsterdam. EON SLD’s installation contains about 40 replicas of traditional signs, neon signs and lightboxes that represent the 1950s to the present, as well as several newly designed signs. The jumble in which these signs have been presented on the quay are typical of a Korean shopping street.

By combining hard, scientific facts and intense laser light, Ersted generates a performance that is simultaneously confronting and poetic. It is no coincidence that Ersted’s installation can be seen on the facade of the Maritime Museum. From 4 October 2019 until 10 May 2020, the worldwide impact of the ice melt and sea level rise are the focus of the exhibitions Scramble for the Arctic and Rising Tide by Kadir van Lohuizen.

Light always takes a moment to travel from one point to another – one second to cover 300,000 kilometres to be precise – and to reach our eyes. The travel time varies from, for example, eight minutes for the light from the sun to reach the earth, to millions of years from a star at the edge of our universe. This means that the information that light brings us, like how long ago that distant star was born, is always dated. Exactly that is the focus of Alicia Eggert’s artwork ‘All the Light You See’. As in many of her works, Eggert uses a poetic statement written in light that changes meaning with a small intervention. Part of the text in ‘All the Light You See is From the Past’ occasionally switches off, making her message even simpler, ‘All You See is Past’. ‘All the Light You See’ is therefore a memento mori (Latin for ‘reflection on mortality’), an artwork that reminds us that in a short while, we too will belong to the past.

NOBODY, Gabriel Lester
The title given to the installation by Lester, Nobody, says a lot about its meaning. It is the English translation of the Latin word ‘nemo’ – not exactly a coincidence that this is also the name of the science museum. With this work, Lester asks the question of whether man is still ‘someone’ of significance in a world that is increasingly controlled (or dominated) by technology.

AD. EMPTY DOMINATION, M. Watjer, J. Pielkenrood en W. Brand
Two enlarged billboards, or light boxes meant for outdoor advertising, are displayed prominently on the quay. The advertisements are missing; instead, the boxes are marked by their emptiness and the harsh white light they emit. Research has shown that when people are on the move, they often have a positive attitude, are alert, make plans, and are open to visual communication. Too often brands have taken advantage of this, which has resulted in the fact that many of our public spaces are dominated by advertisements. The daily flood of hidden messages regarding how we should live and what we should think controls us and, in some cases, causes overstimulation. Breitner Academy students Pielkenrood, Watjer and Brand created a work of art that disrupts this vicious cycle and dominates the space with an overwhelming nothingness.

Amsterdam Light Festival will be keeping up with the rhythm of the streets and many canals of the city of Amsterdam during  28 November 2019 – 19 January 2020. For more information visit the official website of the festival.

Korhan Şişman will be attending in EEMKON 2019 Electrics and Electronics congress.
He will be presenting his ideas about what lighting designers can and will do for the development of our cities we live in.

Doğan Kozan and Korhan Şişman will be attending MIPIM UK Summit in London, 14-15 October 2019. MIPIM UK Summit brings together top-level real estate professionals from all the world and investors from all asset classes to build partnerships, gain industry insight and discover outstanding projects. The event is made up of a world-class content programme dedicated to real estate investment and development opportunities, an exhibition, and a plethora of networking opportunities over 2 days.


LPS 2019 and TIL 2019 REVIEW:

In its 9th year the co-hosted LED professional Symposium + Expo (LpS), Trends in Lighting Forum &Show (TiL) and for the first time the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) Summit gathered in the unique setting of Bregenz, Austria. The three international conference and exhibition events were carefully curated to bring together a unique blend of award-winning industry talent including; architects, planners, lighting designers, scientists and technologists.

The event brought focus to the continuing relevance of interdependent technologies, human-centric design and more acutely, sustainability. The approach of combining distinct lighting fields by Luger ResearchLpS 2019TiL 2019 and DALI Summit 2019, succeeded in inciting conversations and knowledge sharing to facilitate the evolution of lighting in the complex global environment. The combined three-day event presented delegates with the opportunity to interact with an extensive selection of prominent keynote speakers from the lighting design world, scientists, and technologists. The opera stage and theatre spaces were utilized for panel discussions, lectures and workshops crossing disciplines and sectors of industry.

LPS 2019 and TIL 2019 CEO – Influencer Panel

Another insightful aspect to the event was a lively press conference and CEO + Influencer panel allowing promulgation of news, industry opinion and key expectations and challenges for the coming years in the lighting industry.

Meanwhile, the exhibition hall was awash with startups and global industry giants simultaneously showcasing the latest developments in interoperability, sustainability and digital technologies. Delegates could appreciate the complementary nature of final products, components and modules, equipment and service providers. This included wireless technologies, driver manufacturers, Internet of Light controllers, ultrathin light sources, luminaires, digital communication devices and 3D printed optics to name a few.

Image of 3D printed optics by Luximprint - the best 2019 LPS TIL Start-Up
Printed Optics by Luximprint – the 2019 Best TIL-LPS Start-Up – is an example of a digital (fabrication) technology with the potential of disrupting the way the industry fabricates and applies custom optics. Image credits: Luximprint.

Human Centric Lighting, Interfaces and Light Controls

LpS/TiL/DALI 2019 highlighted notable key trends for the lighting sector. More recently, the generally accepted principles of Human Centric Lighting have growing influence and are increasingly important in design application. In order to generate optimized light, the spectral compositions are tuned to applications and visual requirements.

Another key topic was the significance of light controls and user-friendly human interfaces as the consumer seeks to be able to integrate additional functions such as colour controls or light distributions. In this context, it can also be seen that lighting planners are increasingly confronted with the complexities of data handling.

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Başak Okay Tekir will talk about MACFit projects and her experiences at IstanbulLight Lighting Design Summit.
MACFit Sports Clubs: Lighting design as corporate identity “
You can find MacFit in most of the cities in Turkey,  a health club concept developed for ‘everyone’. The group aims to provide high-quality amenities at an affordable price in a fun and exciting environment. Since 2014, PLANLUX  participated in the development in more than 80 MACFit projects as lighting designers which has made ‘lighting design’ an important part of the brand that transforms brand identity into the visitor experience. Despite rapid project design processes and low budget requirements, the team aimed to create a sustainable lighting scheme that considers light quality with practical solutions.
Başak Okay Tekir will ve sharing the details and experiences of the mentioned lighting scheme in her presentation.
Book your place, free registration:

Başak Okay Tekir, IstanbulLight Aydınlatma Tasarımı Zirvesi’nde MACFit projelerinden ve deneyimlerinden bahsedecek.
MACFit spor salonları: Kurumsal kimlik olarak aydınlatma tasarımı”

MACFit, Türkiye’nin çoğu şehrinde bulunan “herkes” için tasarlanmış bir sağlık kulübü konsepti. Grup, eğlenceli ve heyecan verici bir ortamda uygun fiyata yüksek kaliteli olanaklar sunmayı amaçlıyor.
PLANLUX, 2014 yılından beri 80’den fazla MACFit projesine aydınlatma tasarımcısı olarak dahil oldu. Aydınlatma tasarımınının, marka kimliğini ziyaretçi deneyimine dönüştüren markanın önemli bir parçası olmasını sağladı. Ekip, hızlı proje tasarım süreçleri ve düşük bütçe gereksinimlerine rağmen, temel aydınlatma kalitesi ihtiyaçlarını göz önünde bulunduran ve pratik çözüm yolları izleyen sürdürülebilir bir aydınlatma şeması oluşturmayı hedefledi.  
Başak Okay Tekir, sunumda, bahsi geçen aydınlatma şeması detaylarını ve deneyimlerini paylaşacak.

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We have great news:

Korhan Sisman will be participating ‘Lights in Blokzijl’ as a workshop head.

The first edition of Lights in Blokzijl will be held on December 2019 in the small historic center of Blokzijl, in the north of the Netherlands.
It follows in the footsteps of the Swedish light festival, Lights in Alingsås, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in September 2019. Six international lighting designers will gather with students from all over the world to participate in an educational workshop, from 6-11 December to create designs that will illuminate selected sites and buildings throughout the town.

The workshopheads are:
Roberto Corradini (Italy)
Juliette Nielsen + Sjoerd van Beers (Netherlands)
Luciana Alanis (Switzerland)
Korhan Şişman (Turkey)
Anuj Gala + Rogier Hengeveld (Finland + Netherlands)
Kapil Surlakar (India)
Johan Moritz (Sweden)

Participants in the light festival will come from varied backgrounds in design; from architecture, interior design, art, lighting design and more. The installations will be opened to the public from 12-22 December. On 11 December, a convention (in English) will be held with several speakers that are active in the lighting industry. Following on, the students from each workshop team will present their work before finishing with the official opening of the festival in the evening. The installations will be on show to the public from 12 to 22 December, together with several events running alongside.

More info about the event:

Garanti Bank BBVA Technology Campus is the 2019   A+ Awards Winner of Popular Choice in the Commercial – Office – Mid Rise (5-15 Floors) category.
Article link.
Thanks to ERA Architects and Garanti Technology for giving us such a great opportunity to be part of this special project.
@architizerawards #architizer #architizerawards #winner#architecture #design #officedesign #populerchoice #garantibbva#garantiteknoloji #garantideyasam #garantitechnology #eraarchitects

Turkish lighting design firm Planlux to expand beyond its home base Istanbul, as frontier in Turkish lighting design field for more than 10 years, launched namesake firm in London in 2018 with an expanding international client base led by director Doğan Kozan.
Dogan Kozan
Firm rely on on Doğan’s is a talent and experience on the sector to develop more oportunities on one of the most importand cultural and commercial hubs of the world.
As a practice, aimed for a combination of creativity, efficiency and expertise Planlux focuses to provide a joyful lighting design project experience balancing the time, budget and quality.
Planlux team believes  continous face to face interction with its clients to be a part of the projects they are involved in.
Doğan says; ‘Planlux’s skill and quality has been proven with 10+ years of background. Now with our combined experience and skill, we’re very positive that Planlux UK will take part in landmark projects all around the globe.
London is the capital of design and innovation in Europe and also a gateway to other regions like Middle East, East Asia, South America, etc. And we’re very excited to be a part of this network.’
London is the firm’s first satellite location to be a mailestone to reach further markets in the future.


İstanbul Serbest Mimarlar Derneği’nin düzenlemekte olduğu paneller dizisi kapsamında  02 Nisan 2018’de “Mimarlık ve Kentlerin Işık Kirliliği” paneli düzenlenecek. Panelistler;  Bülent Aslan, Korhan Şişman, Şebnem Gemalmaz, Emre Güneş (Moderatör) 2 Nisan 2018 19:00  Salt Galata  19:00 / 02-04-2018    

On 3 October 2017, Korhan Şişman attended to the panel ‘Architecture With Designers’ of the Architecture Week organized in the main hall of the Building-Industry Center (YEM) in Fulya Istanbul.               For the full information on the talk at the panel, read the article published at; Architects with Designers: Tasarımcılardan Mimarlara Altın Öğütler October 3, 2017/16: 30-18: 00 ARCHITECTURE WITH DESIGNERS Moderator: Oğuz Bayazit – Oğuz Bayazıt Founder of Architecture Speakers: Ali Doruk – Founder of Net Architecture, İçmimar / Arzu Nuhoğlu – Arzu Nuhoğlu Landscape Design Founder / Korhan Şişman – Planlux Founding Partner – Interior Architect, Lighting Designer / Turker Talayman – Talayman Acustic Engineering Founding Partner Click for the program Resmi Twitter'da görüntüle   10 Special Sessions on Architecture Week Architecture Week events in the main hall of the Building-Industry Center (YEM) in Fulya between October 2-6, 2017; ‘Architecture with Educators’, ‘Architecture with Employers’, ‘Architecture with Urban Designers’, ‘Architects with Designers’, ‘Architecture with Engineers’, ‘Architecture with Civil Engineers’, ‘Architecture with New Technologies’, ‘Architecture with Material Generators’ Sports’, ” Y ” and ‘Architecture’. Different professions will talk about architecture In sessions where leading names from different professions such as educators, employers, designers, engineers, material manufacturers, technology experts, publishers and sports writers will be involved; every speaker will talk about the architectural profession and the experiences of architects with the theme of architecture. Through this activity, where stakeholders will discuss the architecture profession and its relations, it is aimed to contribute to the architectural profession and the development of qualified architectural production in Turkey.    

Korhan Şişman, will be speaking in IstanbulLight International Lighting & Electrical Equipment Fair And Congress, Lighting Design Summit on 23 September 2017 Architect Murat Tabanlıoğlu, lighting designers Colin Ball, Tülin Kori, Korhan Şişman, Patricia-Yanez Lopez, Zeki Kadirbeyoğlu and Regina Santos will be participated in the activity. Summit will conclude with the panel titled “Lighting design luxury” moderated by Emre Güneş with the participants Hasan Akgül, Alev Akın, Nergiz Arifoglu, Sinan Kafadar and Uğur Yıldırım Agenda     Planlux were there to enjoy the event of light! In this years’ fair, for the first time lighting designers had their own lounge in hall 9. 7 lighting design offices including Planlux, ZKLD, NA Nightstyle, Sevenlights, MCC and LAB1 together were there to cooperate for the awareness of lighting design. it was a very useful event to attend with the additional workshops and the seminars about light. There were many experienced lighting designers who shared their own projects and knowledge such as Korhan Şişman. It was nice to see people who care lighting design and talk about why they need a lighting designer. It was a pleasure to be a part of this, we are looking forward to attend to the next fair!    

We are delighted to announce that our two projects, Kahve Dünyası Fabrika and NuPeople Office, have received IES Merit Award this year! The IES Illumination Awards program recognizes individuals for professionalism, ingenuity and originality in lighting design based on the individual merit of each entry. Judges are selected from a broad professional spectrum respresenting knowledge of lighting and design excellence. The judging system is entirely based on how well the lighting design meets the program criteria. The Illumination Awards program is not a competition. 2017 marks the 44th anniversary of the IES lighting awards program.