There are many lighting conferences and seminars across the world. However, the majority appear to be by the lighting industry for the lighting industry. The Designers With Light Forum will offer a more diverse range of presentations by reaching out to design professionals outside the lighting industry as well as within. Presenters will include Lighting Designers, Architects, Product Designers, Manufacturers and Interior Designers. A select band of professionals who have different experiences of working with light. The goal of the Designers With Light Forum is to combine an exceptional conference programme with a unique networking platform that brings together individuals and companies who have not previously had the opportunity to all meet in one space. The conference provides an informative schedule of highly prolific speakers which in turn brings a distinguished list of attendees benefiting everyone involved. Schedule: 10:30 Peter Fordham, Director, DHA Designs – Achieving the perfect lighting scheme with inspirational architects More often than not, an exceptional lighting design is the result of a successful collaboration between a talented architect and a creative lighting designer, neither of whom will slavishly follow lighting recommendations. The early vision for the design is often generated by the architect, but it is the lighting designer’s expertise that is able to achieve this vision using the most appropriate technology available and within the restraints of the budget. Recent work by DHA Designs includes a collaboration with Haworth Tompkins Architects for the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool, the latest RIBA Stirling Prize winner. 11:30 Kevin Grant, IALD, Director, LIGHTALLIANCE – Working with light – improving the way we design spaces AND the spaces we design The opportunity for us to add value using light has never been greater than it is today. An integral component of the architecture, influencing the function and form of our buildings – let us explore how we can use light to improve the design of our projects from the very initial feasibility and master planning stages, supporting and informing all other design disciplines to truly optimise our environments – both interior AND exterior – to create exceptional spaces where people want to spend time and, in the case of retail spaces, money. 13.30 Zeki Kadirbeyoglu, Principal, ZKLD – The evolution of the relationship between the client and lighting designer in Turkey Lighting design in Turkey has come a long way. The relationship between the lighting designer and the architect has undergone a tremendous change. This relationship will be examined and evaluated for lessons to be learnt in the future. 14:30 Farhad Rahim, Associate Lighting Designer, ChapmanBDSP – Blending science and art in lighting design What is the significance of using calculations and how important is obtaining samples and playing with light by using real products to gauge their performance? What are the various effects one can obtain with variations in their locations for particular use? 15:30 Korhan Sisman, IALD, Principal, PLANLUX – How to protect your lighting scheme through the design process? We are living in a world which change fast. Speed in every aspect of life is inevitable. So, we should adopt and reconsider our approach from project development to specification in order to improve and protect our lighting schemes to achieve sustainable results. for more details: