Planlux team participated in the development of Cinemaximum of MEG. Architectural design concept developed by Mars Cinema Design Group. 
Planlux as lighting designers served light identity development design to Mars Entertainment Group for the following projects between 2009-2015.
Cinemaximum Kayseri Park
Cinemaximum Van Park
Cinemaximum Cevahir 
Cinemaximum Viaport Mayastar
Cinemaximum Mavi Bahçe
Cinemaximum Mardın
Cinemaximum Izmit Esas
Cinemaximum Bolu Burda 14
Cinemaximum Ankara Podyum
Cinemaximum Point Bornova
Cinemaximum Afron
Cinemaximum City's
Cinemaximum Venezia Viaport
Cinemaximum Sultanbeyli
Cinemaximum Kirikkale
Cinemaximum Çanakkale
Cinemaximum Metrogarden
Cinemaximum Meydan Renovation
Cinemaximum Forum Diyarbakir
Cinemaximum Konak Pier
Cinemaximum Izmir Park
Cinemaximum Istinye Park Renovation
Cinemaximum Bursa Podium Park
Cinemaximum Antares Revision
Cinemaximum Cepa Revision
Cinemaximum Next Level
Cinemaximum Akasya
Cinemaximum Ankamall
Cinemaximum Diyarbakir Ceylan
Cinemaximum Antep
Cinemaximum Urfa
Cinemaximum Zorlu
Cinemaximum Vialand
Cinemaximum Brandium
Cinemaximum Maras
Cinemaximum Samsun
Cinemaximum Marmara Park
Cinemaximum Aqua Florya
Cinemaximum Bodrum Midtown
Cinemaximum Trump Towers
Cinemaximum Konya Kent Plaza
Cinemaximum Armada
Cinemaximum Tarsu Shopping Mall
Cinemaximum Gaziemir
Cinemaximum Akbati
Cinemaximum Kayseri
Cinemaximum Serdivan
Cinemaximum Marmara Forum
Cinemaximum Gebze
Cinemaximum Cinebonus Forum Mersin
Cinemaximum Cinebonus Atakoy Residences
Cinemaximum Gordion
Cinemaximum Nautilus