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The 7 floored residential project is located in Nişantaşı on Abdi Ipekci Boulevard. It’s equipped with 2 shop spaces fit for the busy shopping district of Nişantaşı. The design of the building follows a certain principle and visual which makes it stand out from the surrounding neighbouring buildings. The facade follows an art nouveau principle with a kind of rhythmic pattern of openings and 2 elegant symmetrical blocks filled with balconies and brass giving the building a heavy block-like feeling. The aim was to create elegant and perceivable lighting for passersby without giving a heavy sense of lighting, as that could already be found in the busy street and the shops below the building. For that reason, we planned for a glittering effect of light, creating an elegant and peaceful sparkling subtle illumination in contrast to the street. The two extruded block on the facade contains the most transparency throughout the building, increasing the risk of light leakage and creating much more complicated details at every floor, for that reason the usage of light at the extrusions was avoided further improving the design. The back corners of the extruded block on the main facade were lit in order to create contrast with night, in return enriching the feel of darkness. This was done through the usage of a special detail located about the entrance canopy, which defines the edges of the extrusions. The final decisions for the facade lighting were made through the on-site testing and arrangement of the luminaires and lighting intensity. The lighting follows a similar pattern to the brass railings on the facade, by creating rhythm throughout the facade by means of subtle light impressions boarding the edges of the windows. The entrance and ground floor is still in the application and control phase. The final concept arrangements are planned to be set by the end of October 2018.

Article Abdi Ipekci No45 on Toner Architecure Website

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