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Nobu Suite

Nobu Suite is a special project with only two rooms designed for Ritz Carlton, one of the world's most established hotel chains. Articulates with Nobu Restaurant in the same building, the space tooks its design concept from the restaurant. Nobu Suite will be completed in December 2021

The lighting scheme of Nobu Suite, which is a very valuable place due to its location in the heart of Istanbul and the Bosphorus view it has, was developed by Planlux in accordance with PCH's design to serve the elegance of the interior.

In order to create a comfortable atmosphere in Nobu Suite, at first, the level of illumination in the interior establishes an intense relationship with the outside due to both the terrace and the Bosphorus view, mirror effects that glass surfaces may create, and reflections were calculated. The meeting of the light with the wooden slats on the inverted ceilings was evaluated through mock-ups thus the shadows were minimized.

With the details prepared for lighting used in the furniture in the space, it was ensured that visual comfort is obtained. Decorative lighting elements designed by Studio PCH were given meaning in the space with the light design. On the terrace, light scheme is planned that will not interfere with the view. The lighting system was created in line with the requested experience.


Lighting Design Consultancy


Süzer Holding


Studio PCH


Şişli/Istanbul, Turkey




YOO Architecture