Shopping Mall

Forum Kapadokya Shopping Mall

The concept of Forum Kapadokya Shopping Mall by Turkmall is constituted with the inspiration of the ancient architecture which is the main character of the Cappadocia Region, Nevşehir. In 2009 the architecture group ERA, increased a design which is interprets and reflects the atmosphere of the spaces, hollow, recess, hole and material patterns referring to the region's morphology. Additionally, modern and simple forms composing the natural characteristic of the environment are considered as the main influential aspects of the conceptual design. 
The lighting design concept of Forum Kapadokya is not only developed under the standart illumination expectations of a shopping mall but also the approach of its architectural quality which isconceptualised according to the ceopgarphical demographichal properties pf the land itself. Light goes out or comes in from the openings naturally which are created by subtracting solids from the main body. All artifical sources have to respect this naturality and act accordingly. 
The Buildings interior space is composed of several courts combining each other in horizontal and vertical planes with different levels and streets.
The visitor is brought into a dialog between the interior and the surrounding environment by voids and spaces carved into stone masses.The only vertical element of the building is the tower which also serves as a vertical connection inspired by "the fairy chimneys".  The intense use of local natural stone- the interior as much as at the exterior, structural elements such as steel, glass and white walls are the fundamentals of the building. By the calm and warm effect of the local natural stone, the building differs greatly from the other shopping centres.




ERA Architecture


Nevsehir, Turkey