Das Das


DASDAS, where theatre, entertainment, ateliers and cooking meet in the same place, has brought a new soul to Anatolian side of Istanbul city. Related to its functional and modest architectural design, by Halükar Architecture, the lighting concept is also designed to support the main requirements of spaces. With the natural light that seeps into the area, you feel it stronger the warm feeling that the exposed concrete ceiling and columns create in the lower level. There is an all-around view in the theatre hall with the moving seats and the balconies. Control system of the lighting is also planned to work together flexibly with the changeable seat plans. The simple and functional lighting principle is again applied in the restaurant part which is revised by GeoID architecture. DASDAS is where you should visit to enjoy your time with the various activities in its sincere, warm and pure atmosphere.


Nu People


Halukar Architecture


Atasehir, Istanbul