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Cafe Di Dolce

Planlux participated in developing the lighting scheme Cafe di Dolce, interior design by SANAYI 313. Cafe di Dolce is positioned like an island that you can come across while wandering through the corridors of İstinyePark. Being open on all four sides allows the space to be perceived from four different sides. The skylight on it makes this place feel like a stage. The ceiling border of the space stays up due to the skylight placement, and even though the settled flower installations pull this border down, balanced table lighting, border definition and lighting of the flower installations were listed as the priority needs for this space.

While working for this project, the issue that we focused on the most was to use height efficiently. Due to the flower installation hanging from the ceiling, the lighting level had to be planned much higher than needed. For this purpose, narrow-angle spot placements aiming to illuminate only the tables and bar surroundings were made by using the existing skylight structure.

The night lighting of this place, which gets plenty of light during the day due to the skylight on the ceiling, was aimed to be solved by lightly illuminating the ceiling with the detail behind the overhanging flower level. Since the space has almost no vertical boundaries, we tried to create the perception of the border with the forehead that rotates around the skylight, this area is strengthened with hidden detail placements. Power LED luminaires with elliptical lenses in the same area provided support for the flowers to feel brighter at night from a little lower elevation. Thus, the forehead area served 3 different details that illuminate 3 different places at the same time. Narrow-angle spotlights on one-metre rails raise the levels around the table and bar, while also getting too close to some of the flowers, helping to create a natural glow.

During the application, we saw that the mirroring effect created by the darkness of night on the skylight surfaces, which allows us to receive a lot of light during the day, should be balanced. Because the skylight volume was too large and the height too high, stronger additions were made to make the skylight ceiling more illuminated. The implementation process resulted in 3-4 mockup detailed fine-tuning work.


Lighting Design


Doğuş Group


Sanayi 313


İstinyePark, Sarıyer, İstanbul