Beymen İzmir İstinyePark

Planlux participated in developing the lighting scheme for Beymen İzmir İstinyePark, interior design by Universal Design Studio, Beymen Design Team
Since its location is Izmir, the architectural team preferred to examine the historical architect of this region. The proposed approach made us feel that we should integrate into this concept in the best way possible. Symrna, with its former name, is the pearl of the Aegean, the meeting point of the deep blue Aegean Sea with the opposite shore, the land where Ephesus comes to life, and this is a location where the warmth and the feeling of the holiday region increase. We have seen that the material choices greatly affect the customers' feeling of being away from the seriousness of the city and feeling spacious during shopping. The lighting scheme calmly follows these textures and themes, reinforcing the message.
If the lighting scheme delivers what is targeted, there is usually successful design management behind it - that shows the will to ensure the coordinated work of different teams- during the project. You can see that the value given to the lighting design determines the outcome of the project. Beymen Design team knows the contribution of lighting to corporate identity and brand perception and investing in lighting design for many years.

Photos: Cemal Emden




Universal Design Studio, London


İzmir, Turkey