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We design and develop lighting products. 
We assist designers and manufacturers to develop or improve luminaires for both commercial production or bespoke installations. We can envision complicated advantages and alternative usages to be used in the lighting design process for a particular luminaire or lighting product series. 
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Light is indispensable to the creation of architecture, furthermore, our architectural environment creates the ground rules for industrial design, particularly in the case of light. 'The product' as a luminaire is carrying, hiding, connecting, and adopting the light source to the built environment. This great story starts at the very beginning of civilization. Luminaire development has always been respectful and seen as an opportunity to strengthen the relation of product development with architecture.

As architectural lighting designers, our job is to create a relation between space and humans with the use of light. As well as using these luminaires we experience them with all their capabilities. We know much about them. 
In the process of luminaire development, we create products considering the quality of light, marketing specifics, and production limits.

Also, the luminaire development process needs to be 'specific' with solid reasons, solid functions with the consideration of ergonomics and quality.  Hence we offer an effective good step to motivate lighting producers to understand fundamental lighting design techniques to be applied to luminaires. We assist manufacturers to develop or improve luminaires for both commercial production or bespoke installations. 

We work closely alongside sales teams, production engineers, and industrial designers throughout the design process of luminaires.  We have close relations with these parties so that we fill an important gap in terms of communicating the 'quality of light'.   Guiding the lighting producers through the development of the product's technical lighting features with the aim of guaranteeing the result in terms of end-user experience.   

Lighting designers guide the lighting product design process with their knowledge and experience with light. We play a leverage role in the formation of the product story considering light quality.

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