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We assist in creating stories and 
help to tell them with light
We design the effects of natural and artificial light. We systematically transfer and apply this design to architectural projects with planned process management. 
We simplify lighting design and project management & control processes for all parties. At the end of an intense study; we create aesthetic, effective, and sustainable lighting design solutions.
Lighting Design 
We are responsible for the design of the environment we live in. We create stories with natural and artificial light. We design effects of light with the help of hard work, technical knowledge, experience, and imagination.  We simplify lighting design and project management methods for all parties. At the end of an intense study; we create aesthetic, effective, and sustainable lighting design solutions. 
Lighting Design is our key service. All our services are built under the project structure of lighting design processes.  

Planlux is an independent lighting design practice with no commitment, alliance, or affiliations to lighting manufacturers and suppliers. 
We're members of IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) and bound by the association's Code of Ethics. 
Our Design Process
Our lighting design service has five basic steps that we can develop/modify this base process for each of our customers' needs and their project's management strategy. We use online project management software both for task management and communication in order to assist in managing the lighting project. We can control each and every step with its countless breakdowns effectively.  

You can see the basic project phases and how we schedule them in the infographic link below.
We can send a hardcopy version of infographics describing these steps and appointment booklets if you inform us by email to [email protected] and share your contact details.

Design Phase
Concept Design

Startup, establishing the schedule, focusing on the main design criterias. Designing and presenting our lighting concept ideas through sketches or graphics. showing light traces, desired lighting schemes, techniques, and ideas about luminaires

Design Phase
Schematic Design

Preliminary layouts of luminaire arrangements in drawings, preleminary luminaire lists, lighting calculations and budgets, preleminary details and application types are defined. Light control ideas are developed. Mockups start on site.

Design Phase
Detailed Design

Schematic project is detailed with revisions. Cut sheets are prepared. Control schedules are developed. Final specs are defined and documented. Mockups are a part of this phase.

Control Phase
Tender & Documentation

Brief, inform and support the design and construction teams for tender preparation, tender queries, and shop drawing reviews.

Control Phase
Control & Commisioning

Scheduled site visits and equipment/project inspections before/ during installation/commissioning. Checking the details of the applications. Final luminaire adjustments, fine tuning of control system.

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