Thinklux: Museum Lighting

Lighting optimization to reduce damage to artwork
Speaker Dr. Alp Durmus – The University of Sydney

Friday 31.08
Location TAK Kadıköy
(Rasimpaşa Mahallesi, Tasarim Atolyesi Kadikoy, Rasimpaşa Mh., Duatepe Sk No:61, 34716 Kadıköy/İstanbul)
Visible radiation damages paintings and other sensitive materials in museums. However, we cannot appreciate artwork without light. This paradox highlights two conflicting goals in museum lighting.
Current regulations restrict light intensity and duration depending on the material of the artwork. However, several studies show that it is possible to reduce damage without losing the perception of artwork quality by optimizing a light source. Optimization parameters are typically brightness, naturalness, damage and energy efficiency, and it requires an understanding of the qualities of each material, light source spectra and the interaction between those two.
This seminar will examine the some of the research investigating the lighting for artwork and other sensitive materials. Lighting professionals will improve their understanding of human colour vision, museum lighting and some of the problems associated with it.
* Event will be held in English



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