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Velialemdarhan Restoration & Hotel Project

The 9-storey Velialemdarhan, which was built at the beginning of the 1900's as a large commercial building, has been converted into a boutique hotel with 150 rooms. In this changing period, lighting concept principles are developed by taking into consideration the perceptions of the facade elements from outside and different architectural sections on the facade. In the direction of the developed ideas, visualization studies, modelling and renders played an important role in getting an idea about the final visual expectation for such classical facades as Velialemdarhan has. For this reason, decisions were made by evaluating the alternatives of concept decisions by studying the general façade and interior corridor circulation zones’ models. The inner facades that facing each other creates an atmosphere in the inner corridor especially with the natural light coming in through the transparent roof. It was aimed to sustain this feeling in the corridor when there is no sunlight too. The implementation process continues with mock-up studies meanwhile the architectural details are being created at the same time. In the process of mock-up studies, implementation decisions have been clarified by evaluating different alternatives on armature application details.


Seba İnşaat


Seba İnşaat


Karaköy, Istanbul