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Veli Alemdar Han Hotel

Built in the early 1900s, Veli Alemdar Han is located right next to the French Passage on Karaköy Rıhtım Avenue. Before the building was renovated, it also served as a good example of the old-style office buildings, where there were workplaces and shops such as tea shops and restaurants serving these workplaces.

The building was transformed into a 150-room boutique hotel with the renovation project within the scope of urban transformation. While working on the lighting design principles of the building, the façade surfaces perceived from the environment and the sea and the architectural type zones on the façade were emphasized.

For this type of classical facades, visualization studies in line with the developed ideas provide an idea about the targeted visual and play an important role in the decision process. For this reason, the lighting decisions on the façade and interior façades were made by working on the model and evaluating the alternatives.

The interior facades facing each other along the inn passage and the corridor receive natural light during the day thanks to the opening in the roof and the transparent roof. Therefore, it was aimed to maintain this feeling in the evening hours while illuminating the area. The windows of the rooms facing the interior of the hotel also played an important role in the lighting concept decisions of the interiors. It was necessary to hide the luminaires or light sources planned to be used in this area and not cause glare.

On the exterior facades, the elevations to be perceived from the land and sea were evaluated according to the architectural elements. The light sources were concealed by considering that there would be very distant viewpoints from the upper elevations of very close buildings and over the sea.


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Karaköy, İstanbul