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UNIQ Istanbul

'Unique: adjective One of its kind, irreplaceable, incomparable, rare, one and only UNIQ Istanbul's name is derived from the English word "unique", as it is truly one of its kind. Surrounded by historical mansions in an emerald green environment, UNIQ Istanbul is located in the city's most important finance and commerce district Maslak. UNIQ Istanbul breathes in the fresh air of the surrounding lush green nature, and will be granted the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate for its environmental-friendly buildings and energy-saving features. UNIQ Istanbul will offer the realms of business, culture, art and entertainment with an outstanding complex composed of four blocks whose three quarters are surrounded by green area. At UNIQ Istanbul history will come to life besides nature; culture and art will meet commerce and finance. With its halls for concerts, musicals, congress, education, and meetings, along with shopping areas and food courts, UNIQ Istanbul will become modern life's new center.'




ERA Architecture 


Ayazaga, Istanbul