Tokat Science Center

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Standing out with its characteristics of being a dynamic and fertile city, most of which is composed of young people, Tokat has been known as an important cultural and commercial center that has hosted many civilizations throughout its history. The Science Center project, which is planned to be implemented by the Tokat Governorship, is of great importance for Tokat, which stretches from history to the present.

The building takes its form from the spiral movement in the form of rolled papyrus, which was the first method of hiding written sources. It also has a layout reminiscent of the symbol forms of cell division, one of the first things what we learn in biology lessons. The filtering of light through the slits formed by the connection details on the facades further clarifies the architectural forms. Gobo products infrastructure has been created so that reflections can be made on the coating façade on special days. Spiral forms that make themselves felt in the interior are highlighted with hidden light details. General lighting is provided by recessed spots.

On the façade of the building facing Yeşilırmak, a landscape design that includes the water element was considered. By illuminating the walkway in the pier section with recessed luminaires, the reflection of the facade on the water was desired to be more prominent. The garden of the Science Center is a continuation of the structure with its open space setup. For this reason, a different design was created in which local forms were used with small touches including light - shadow plays. Selected trees and playgrounds in the landscape area were illuminated with directional luminaires placed on the poles.


Tokat Governorship

Architectural Team

Viva Architects


Tokat, Turkey