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The Stay Hotel

The structure of The Stay Hotel resembles an open warehouse with a large glass facade, allowing you to feel both the interior and the landscape as a whole. For this reason, the landscape lighting was designed as to be hidden within the trees in order not to disturb the user’s perception of the space, creating a relaxed atmosphere, where he/she can rest by the trees and read a book even during the evening time.

As the hotel is designed to function as more than just accommodation. As lobby also functions as both an exhibition space and a performance area, with a stage in the centre of the lobby and stairs functioning as seats for the audience. In normal usage, the stairs lead to the rooms. The lighting was to designed to suit this multifunctionality, by covering the entirety of the high ceilinged lobby with indirect lighting, providing general illumination and an integrated technical lighting system to light up the stage, or the exhibition space when needed. In order to continue the feeling of the Egean atmosphere throughout the rest of the interior space, warm light tones were used, harmonizing the lighting with its environment.

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