NuPeople Office


Lighting design of the project has been honoured with International IES Merit Awards 2017 by IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) (The IES Illumination Awards program recognizes individuals for professionalism, ingenuity and originality in lighting design based on the individual merit of each entry. Judges are selected from a broad professional spectrum representing knowledge of lighting and design excellence. The judging system is entirely based on how well the lighting design meets the program criteria. The Illumination Awards program is not a competition. 2017 marks the 44th anniversary of the IES lighting awards program.)

About the project: This place is a multipurpose hall which is repurposed again and again several times since it was constructed. The building responds all the functions because of its architectural construction like a warehouse. Even though it was thought to be used as a shopping mall, in the beginning, it started to change when the hypermarket was turned into a fitness centre. Then the second floor where the cafe and cinema exist was replaced and repurposed as offices. It is one of the most striking examples of how a place which has almost no columns and extremely wide can be turned into an open office area. This work also can be seen as an exploration which shows what happens when interior architecture brings together all the functions in offices by using light as a material. The building consists of technical, private and open offices, exhibition areas, greeting, reception and cocktail area, basketball court and terraces. The biggest goal of the lighting design is to create a comfortable and combined environment which includes all those different functions with an optimum ergonomic solution. It was also very important to achieve these expectations with the right amount of time and budget to spend. Lighting and interior design’s perfect match let a music band use this office as a performance area which is set for a music video clip.




Istanbul, Turkey