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Nike Hope Alkazar

Planlux contributed to the development of the architectural lighting scheme of HOPE Alkazar, interior design by Nike Design Team, and application project by Superpool. HOPE Alkazar offers its users interactive experiences on the historical texture of Alkazar Cinema. At the same time, creating the lighting scheme of HOPE Alkazar, we needed to preserve the original ceiling type and visual of the space and support the new functions assigned. We carried out separate works for each space of this building, an organism with its entrance hall, main hall, cafeterias, sports studio, producer workshop, and basketball court.

The arched cassette ceiling in the entrance hall of HOPE Alkazar had elements defined by the existing socket placements. Nike designers wanted this area to function as an area that can host invitations in addition to welcoming. In this place, we aimed to reduce the definition of the ceiling to the right lamp selection, illuminating the walls in a balanced way, and make the logo definition easy for the guests to feel. Illuminating the female-shaped columns, which are the elements that define the space, with small interventions on the ceiling.

The main hall was intended to be a venue serving events such as dance and yoga and a cinema and seminar function. At the same time, it was aimed to project visual shows on the walls by preserving the historical texture in white tones. We worked on Detailed lighting models considering the high arched ceiling. In the current section, indirect details from the cinema have been updated, and dmx-based luminaire placements have been proposed to enable color change on the ceiling and walls. Minimal technical lighting placements on the ceiling are positioned at two points to work as both downlights and wall washers. Indirect lighting details were added by evaluating the ceiling details in the balcony area. With these additions, it was aimed to both preserve the architectural texture and increase the comfort of the space.

The barisol ceiling of the sports studio, which is imagined as one and endless in the architectural concept, is mechanical and so on. divided into compartments for the integration of systems. The ceiling system, designed as barisol boxes, works as a pendant, thus offering the possibilities required by the mechanical system from the rear and side spaces. In order to serve all kinds of functions and fashions, the ray spots placed between them and the indirect details behind the boxes provide the flexibility needed in the space. The walls covered with mirrors also support the imagined infinity effect.

In the manufacturer's workshop, the beams in the existing architecture become a part of the design. While the linear lighting fixtures placed between these beams offer a continuous perspective on the ceiling, they serve both the function and the visual of the space by combining with table lamps and slogans.

The play cafe and lounge, which appeal to two floors separately, primarily uses the building's unique existing details. To provide the targeted fun atmosphere in these spaces, the lighting function was added to the architectural details and the existing ceiling details were updated with indirect lighting placements.

Considering the historical texture, we made small interventions in the circulation area that connects all these spaces. While directional luminaires supported the steps, the elevator and its surroundings were more prominent with the details in the glass elevator casing. Enriched with minimal touches and connecting all functions, this area also reflects the spirit of the space.


Lighting Design




Nike Design Team, Superpool


Beyoğlu/Istanbul, Turkey




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