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Muscat Tav Lounge

TAV’s First Class Lounge is located in Oman’s new airport, Muscat International Airport, formerly Seeb International Airport. With the reinterpretation of Oman's traditional architecture, it provides services that will make its guests feel comfortable in all manner of ways.

You can reach the hospitality spaces by crossing the vaulted corridor perpendicular to the reception area, which circulates all the spaces while moving from the reception to the lounge. Our aim for the corridor was to create harmony between the lighting of the corridor’s ceiling and the natural light entering corridor from the lounge, in order to prevent contrast.
The lounge stands out from the other areas due to its exposure to strong natural light from the entire facade as the lounge has a height of two storeys. In the lounge decorative and table lamps were used in accordance with the architectural concept and decisions. For technical reasons, the use of ceilings and structure for the definition of space was not permitted by the airport. For this reason, the lighting source was placed along the walls of the lounge and covered with a decorative perforated wall and topped with an indirect asymmetrical wall washing system to light the high ceilinged space.
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Muscat ,Umman