MACFit Uniq

Planlux developed architectural lighting design project for MACFit Uniq by Mars Sportif.

Article about the project by Başak Okay: According to the timeless project deadlines, such as; within 3-4 projects in one week, as the lighting designers, we have created a lighting template to follow a way for a quick respond.  Still considering the old methods such as emphasizing the boarders whilst illuminating the walls. Due to the lighting principles, interior design team improved their concept and attached different materials to the boarders to favour the null walls. Since these are the sports people it is easy to be distracted by anything even from a small reflection hence we prefer matt finishes th rough the lighting equipments to avoid reflectance and to control the light. Sport clubs are surely full of tired and sweaty people, it is a must to use high CRI levels in the light sources to provide an alive reflection while they're watching themselves through the mirror. Plus,  although it’s written cold light sources wake up your senses, they have to feel well-being under warm colour light sources, this is the reason 2700K is preferred in the sport centres. Geometrical forms are suggested, mostly square, which is suitable to proportion easily according to the field's requirements,  With acceptable prices, we have built an equipment to cover trustworthy light sources which are Osram linear light sources and Philips retrofit led spots and metal halide lamps.  Since energy efficiency is the most important part of the design, we still prefer metal halide lamps for exciting touches to the design and al so the designers are delightful of the differences of metal halide lamps' conclusions. We all believe that the sports centres, we have been creating are, more than a sport centre and also a nice place to spend time.


MARS Sportif




Istanbul, Turkey