Gallipoli Memorial Gardens

Planlux provided consultancy for the lighting design of the "Memorial Gardens", which won the 2nd Honorable Mention Award in the Gallipoli Historical Site - New Martyrdom Designs Idea Project Competition organized by Çanakkale Battles Gallipoli Historical Site Directorate.

Designed in collaboration with TEĞET, Studio Evren Başbuğ Architects and Kardelen Landscape Planning, the project criticized that the martyrdoms located on the Gallipoli Peninsula makes the commemoration superficial so it proposed a new model, for such places with high historical and emotional density, that visitors can feel the impermanence of life, the inclusiveness of nature or the power of memory deeply and with humility.

You can find detailed information about the architectural interventions and landscape decisions on the 19 martyrdoms below, in order to give visitors a more intense commemoration experience by breaking away from the rhythm of daily life and being in touch with nature's time as they approach the memorial gardens from the asphalt main road around the peninsula.

Gallipoli Memorial Gardens

Lighting Design Consultancy


Çanakkale Battles Gallipoli Historical Site Directorate


TEĞET, Studio Evren Basbuğ Architects


Gelibolu/Çanakkale, Turkey




Kardelen Landscape Planning