Galataport Cruise Terminal

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Planlux participated in the development of architectural lighting design scheme for Galataport Cruise Terminal. Interior architecture by Autoban.
Galataport is an extraordinary project that plans to increase the operational capacity by taking the Cruise Terminal underground, improving the services offered at the above ground level, and integrating it into the city.
Galataport Cruise Port has a long dock where three ships can dock simultaneously and has the infrastructure capacity to host 15,000 daily passengers. When the port's geographical location, its proximity to international air transportation, accommodation, and social opportunities of passengers in various segments are considered, it carries the identity of a 'home port.'
Passengers disembarking from the ships moored in the port reach the underground terminal from the particular ramp areas and complete the necessary procedures for their embarkation or transit journeys.
When there are no ships in the port, the coastline remains open to access by creating a temporary bonded area with a unique cover system that separates the bonded zone and the security area. The same cover system acts as a barrier between the coastline and the quay area when the ship docks.
International terminals are the first places that host guests and the areas that send the last passengers. The values ​​that these places represent and the message they pass are critical. It is important to construct the first place experience for the passengers docking in Istanbul. Autoban's design inspired by the underground cisterns of Istanbul speaks in a contemporary and refined language. The purpose is to feel. Although it has been modernized, it is still Istanbul itself. Arriving / Leaving Istanbul moments are so important.
Interior architecture is inspired by the regional cistern structure of the numerous colonnades that have to carry the above-ground functions and creatively transform them into the natural element of the space. While doing this, expertly created curved forms and textures support the fluency and naturalness of artificial light. Light becomes an indispensable part of the general character of the space. Users need to feel safe and well, even if the space is underground, as they do not have to worry about positioning themselves. Lighting schemes can make a significant contribution as well as scale, spatial flow, colors, and textures.
Photos: Korhan Şişman


Lighting Design


Salıpazarı Liman İşletmeleri / DOGUS GROUP / BILGILI


Autoban / Norm Architects


Karakoy Istanbul