Erbil Golf Complex Sales Office

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Designed as an iconic symbol for Erbil, the golf complex is intended to be transformed into a memory place that frequently visited by the citizens. This large campus which is planned to host international golf tournaments in the future, includes 300 villas with a golf course that is spread over 700,000 m² and implemented according to world standards. The holes, located along a natural strip surrounded by ponds, offer for golfers some panoramic views to accompany their challenging shots.

The sales office which serves as one of the social areas of the complex, is a duplex building with an angular geometry. It offers an inviting entrance axis with its reflecting pool placed on the ground and an interesting facade design in front of the building. On the other hand, the rear facade meets the social needs of the users with the sitting areas placed in the garden.

The space is divided laterally into 3 parts. Two large volumes where sales and work functions take place are symmetrically articulated on two sides of the gallery space, which functions as a circulation center that both provides the transition from the entrance to the rear facade and disperses the visitors to the rest of the space. On the ground floor, there are lounge areas where sound and movement are intense because they serve for sale function while on the first floor, there are working areas and terraces that wished for silence.

In order to keep the light level of the gallery space balanced and to ensure that the light power can be adjusted in case of need, used some wall details which were developed to minimize reflection. Within the scope of the lighting design; equipment that provides high cut-off and trimless was preferred in accordance with the eye comfort of the users and the clean finishes of the architecture, in the exhibition, living and meeting areas. All details, from the selection of decorative armatures in the interiors to the control key system in the meeting rooms, have been planned in a way that references the comfort of home.


Görkem Engin, Korhan Şişman


Lighting Design


Daax Construction


Viva Architects






Gök Ay Project