Conrad Hotel Istanbul

Conrad Hotel Istanbul

Planlux developed the architectural lighting design project of Conrad Hotel Istanbul by Conrad, Hilton Group and Aksoy İnşaat partnership. Renovation includes the rooms in A, B and C blocks, lobby and lobby ring area, spa, sport hall and restaurant. Architectural design of the project by Has+Koen and Ara Architecture. Related links: Conrad İstanbul Bosphorus Article about the restaurant part by Başak Okay: Conrad Bosphorus Hotel is located in Istanbul’s historic neighbourhood of Beşiktaş, which may be considered as one of the centres of the European part of Istanbul. Considering the Hotel’s location, the Hotel’s restaurant -called Manzara Restaurant, has a unique view of Bosphorus. This may be the best luxury experience to have a meal with the new design. After a thirteen-month renovation, Manzara Restaurant, has reopened in July 14, 2014. In this restaurant, entry hall, private dining rooms, bars and show kitchen, all have their own requirements for light. Therefore, a functional lighting system was designed and implemented to meet this demand. The atmosphere to be created by the interior design is understood well and lighting layout and fixture selections have been finalised according to team’s approval. Lighting details enhanced the architectural details and the form of the restaurant. Interior design is based on a classic contemporary design within dynamic colours for seating areas, plain white walls, and marble material floor surfaces. It also features wooden and copper separators between seating areas. These combinations provide an atmosphere for both business and leisure travellers. When you enter the restaurant a classic look chandelier with halogen lamps welcomes you. The chandelier’s conceptual design was inspired by the suspended luminaires which is made by metal hangings and oil lamp shaped glass, at the Mosques. Silhouette of Istanbul has been created by these famous mosques. After this recognition, a view of the Bosphorus follows. Thanks to the interior design team, you are able to see this view from every point of the place. At the centre of the place - under the huge chandelier - there is a seating area which is also being used as a self-service area depending on the occasion. Due to these changeable occasions, adjustable spotlights have been used to provide flexibility. Suspension height of the chandelier is all set not to disturb when you enter the restaurant. Through the aisle to the window side, on the left hand side there is an open kitchen. Its counter is also illuminated by halogen lamps. This was with the aim of making the food appear more tasty and appealing to the customer. Behind the counter, metal halide lamps has been used for the cooking and preparing area, as the interior design team required to showcase the kitchen. Metal halide lamps were the perfect solution for adding a little charm to this area. As you continue walking and go down three steps for the other seating area, you can recognise the form of crescent when you follow the concealed led lighting on the ceiling. To avoid reflection on the windows, it had been cancelled the concealed led lighting which was close to the window. The other part of the restaurant is called ‘the dark area‘ due to the fact that there is no natural light here. Following the crescent shape ceiling lighting leads you to ‘the dark side’. To improve the feeling of spaciousness here, some additional lighting details, such as wall washings behind the seats and indirect ceiling lighting inside the timber slating have been added. Also to evoke impressions of privacy, pendants and wall-mounted scones have been used. One of the important parts of the lighting design was allowing the manager to control the lighting system. There are scenarios according the time schedule. A-alone system is also available to be controlled instantly. With this system, it is possible to control zones individually. It also provides energy conservation.


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