Bostanlı Footbridge


Being in contact with surroundings is always a part of the human nature, Bostanlı footbridge was one of those projects makes you feel connected even more. Bostanlı Footbridge and Bostanlı Sunset Lounge have been designed by Studio Evren Başbuğ Architects as part of the 'Karşıkıyı' concept created for 'İzmirSea' coastal regeneration project. These two architectural interventions that are positioned in close proximity and in reference to each other, have generated a new, integrated coastal attraction together, where Bostanlı Creek flows into the bay, on a very special and unique spot due to the geometric form of the coastline, and the urban memory possessed. These forms in structure offers the users unique and creative spaces, makes it very easy to use for everyone in daily life. Lighting design was taken into consideration to become as one with the structure itself, work in harmoniously the whole area. The design was set up to be used as viewing terrace mainly at sunseting hours, during this time and also in the evening some darkness factor was carried out in lighting design in order to get comfortable views of the sea. The site has become one of the favorite public attraction points in Karşıyaka, İzmir and has been embraced and visited by the residents from all around the city since the opening in July 2016.

Izmir Coastline Regeneration Project

Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir


Studio Evren Başbuğ


Izmir, Turkey