Beymen Blender

PLANLUX team participated in Beymen Blender İstinye Park lighting design project, interior architecture by HMKM Architects. Article by Başak Okay Beymen Blender is a renovation project at İstinyePark – one of the biggest shopping malls in Istanbul. Beymen Blender is spread over three stories. The renovation includes the first floor which is divided into three phases and the first phase is the main entrance. The main challenge of this project was timing: Our task was to create a lighting concept and prepare the retail shop for opening in less than a month. This pressure let us to simultaneously conduct the conceptual design alongside a sampling of lighting fixtures. In the end, due to stocking issues and given the tight deadlines, we have proceeded with a design that mostly consists of LED technologies. Although the project has been developed in light of budget and time constraints, it met customer demands on the agreed date, with some compromise. We had no opportunities to conduct a fine-tuning before the store opening. Therefore lighting was rather homogenous throughout the store. During the fine-tuning task lighting was the main aim. With this in mind, accent lighting was increased. This establishes the importance of the products through contrast effects and highlights shelves whilst leading customers directly to the merchandise. The spotlights through the aisles have been removed to increase the contrast. Renovated area is separated from the old one with the fake beams on the ceiling. This was suggested by the interior design concept. Therefore, during the lighting design process adding function to these fake beams has been decided. These fake beams are made by 1.5mm metal sheet that includes a detail to attach flexible LED lighting with a linear profile and frosted plexiglass, which indirectly illuminate the white painted inner surface of the sheet. As a result, an illuminated ceiling has been created and applied through the whole new are. This resulted in a feeling of outdoor shopping. A track system is located between the linear lights on the ceiling. You are not able to see this unless you come under them. The track system is applied higher than the linear light to provide cut off and to avoid glare while shopping. To avoid glare, honeycomb louvres also have been used on each spotlight. The interior design concept of the renovated part is different than the old area: the colours and materials are much brighter and shinier. Thus, decreasing the brightness was a challenge on the project. Honeycomb was useful for reducing the power of the spots. Shelves in front of the walls are being illuminated by same track system but with antiglare flaps. This aims to prevent from dust gathering on the wall. Energy efficient LED technology (37W, Ra>90, 3000K, 2953 lm) is preferred on the spotlights. Generally, 24D is used everywhere but on the wall side, where essential 10D reflectors are used. Emphasizing the end walls plays an important role in attracting customers to the store. For this reason, vertical surfaces above the shelves are illuminated by using concealed high output fluorescent light from the view of the customer.




HMKM Architects


Istanbul, Turkey