Lighting workshop in Blokzijl, NL

We have great news:

Korhan Sisman will be participating ‘Lights in Blokzijl’ as a workshop head.

The first edition of Lights in Blokzijl will be held on December 2019 in the small historic center of Blokzijl, in the north of the Netherlands.
It follows in the footsteps of the Swedish light festival, Lights in Alingsås, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in September 2019. Six international lighting designers will gather with students from all over the world to participate in an educational workshop, from 6-11 December to create designs that will illuminate selected sites and buildings throughout the town.

The workshopheads are:
Roberto Corradini (Italy)
Juliette Nielsen + Sjoerd van Beers (Netherlands)
Luciana Alanis (Switzerland)
Korhan Şişman (Turkey)
Anuj Gala + Rogier Hengeveld (Finland + Netherlands)
Kapil Surlakar (India)
Johan Moritz (Sweden)

Participants in the light festival will come from varied backgrounds in design; from architecture, interior design, art, lighting design and more. The installations will be opened to the public from 12-22 December. On 11 December, a convention (in English) will be held with several speakers that are active in the lighting industry. Following on, the students from each workshop team will present their work before finishing with the official opening of the festival in the evening. The installations will be on show to the public from 12 to 22 December, together with several events running alongside.

More info about the event:
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