IstanbulLight Lighting Design Summit : 23 September 2017

Korhan Şişman, will be speaking in IstanbulLight International Lighting & Electrical Equipment Fair And Congress, Lighting Design Summit on 23 September 2017 Architect Murat Tabanlıoğlu, lighting designers Colin Ball, Tülin Kori, Korhan Şişman, Patricia-Yanez Lopez, Zeki Kadirbeyoğlu and Regina Santos will be participated in the activity. Summit will conclude with the panel titled “Lighting design luxury” moderated by Emre Güneş with the participants Hasan Akgül, Alev Akın, Nergiz Arifoglu, Sinan Kafadar and Uğur Yıldırım Agenda     Planlux were there to enjoy the event of light! In this years’ fair, for the first time lighting designers had their own lounge in hall 9. 7 lighting design offices including Planlux, ZKLD, NA Nightstyle, Sevenlights, MCC and LAB1 together were there to cooperate for the awareness of lighting design. it was a very useful event to attend with the additional workshops and the seminars about light. There were many experienced lighting designers who shared their own projects and knowledge such as Korhan Şişman. It was nice to see people who care lighting design and talk about why they need a lighting designer. It was a pleasure to be a part of this, we are looking forward to attend to the next fair!