Planlux Opens Branch in London

Turkish lighting design firm Planlux to expand beyond its home base Istanbul, as frontier in Turkish lighting design field for more than 10 years, launched namesake firm in London in 2018 with an expanding international client base led by director Doğan Kozan.
Dogan Kozan
Firm rely on on Doğan’s talent and experience on the sector to develop more oportunities on one of the most importand cultural and commercial hubs of the world.
As a practice, aimed for a combination of creativity, efficiency and expertise Planlux focuses to provide a joyful lighting design project experience balancing the time, budget and quality.
Planlux team believes  continous face to face interction with its clients to be a part of the projects they are involved in.
Doğan says; ‘Planlux’s skill and quality has been proven with 10+ years of background. Now with our combined experience and skill, we’re very positive that Planlux UK will take part in landmark projects all around the globe.
London is the capital of design and innovation in Europe and also a gateway to other regions like Middle East, East Asia, South America, etc. And we’re very excited to be a part of this network.’
London is the firm’s first satellite location to be a mailestone to reach further markets in the future.




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