On 3 October 2017, Korhan Şişman attended to the panel ‘Architecture With Designers’ of the Architecture Week organized in the main hall of the Building-Industry Center (YEM) in Fulya Istanbul.               For the full information on the talk at the panel, read the article published at; Architects with Designers: Tasarımcılardan Mimarlara Altın Öğütler October 3, 2017/16: 30-18: 00 ARCHITECTURE WITH DESIGNERS Moderator: Oğuz Bayazit – Oğuz Bayazıt Founder of Architecture Speakers: Ali Doruk – Founder of Net Architecture, İçmimar / Arzu Nuhoğlu – Arzu Nuhoğlu Landscape Design Founder / Korhan Şişman – Planlux Founding Partner – Interior Architect, Lighting Designer / Turker Talayman – Talayman Acustic Engineering Founding Partner Click for the program Resmi Twitter'da görüntüle   10 Special Sessions on Architecture Week Architecture Week events in the main hall of the Building-Industry Center (YEM) in Fulya between October 2-6, 2017; ‘Architecture with Educators’, ‘Architecture with Employers’, ‘Architecture with Urban Designers’, ‘Architects with Designers’, ‘Architecture with Engineers’, ‘Architecture with Civil Engineers’, ‘Architecture with New Technologies’, ‘Architecture with Material Generators’ Sports’, ” Y ” and ‘Architecture’. Different professions will talk about architecture In sessions where leading names from different professions such as educators, employers, designers, engineers, material manufacturers, technology experts, publishers and sports writers will be involved; every speaker will talk about the architectural profession and the experiences of architects with the theme of architecture. Through this activity, where stakeholders will discuss the architecture profession and its relations, it is aimed to contribute to the architectural profession and the development of qualified architectural production in Turkey.